CD "Ulika revival"

Tamara Obrovac quartet
"Ulika revival"
Unit records 2014.

Release date 13.6.2014.

Tamara Obrovac
, voice
Matija Dedi?, piano
Žiga Golob, double bass
Krunoslav Leva?i?, drums

all songs written by Tamara Obrovac except lirycs on
* Loredana Bogliun, and  **Milan Rakovac


recorded / mixed / mastered by Stefano Amerio
at ArteSuono studio, Udine, Italy, April 2013
produced by Stefano Amerio and Tamara Obrovac

 European Jazz has a new singing star:

"With sensitivity, passion and humor the Croatian singer and composer Tamara Obrovac has positioned her homeland Istria on the world map of improvised music.

Tamara Obrovac finds clear and completely natural ways to combine the dialects and the melodic phrases of her native Istria with contemporary European jazz played at the very highest level.
With a sound reminiscent of the nobility and sensitivity of the Bill Evans Trio, and with bold interaction and congenial originality, on her journey through different types and levels of human emotion, the singer is accompanied by pianist Matija Dedi?, bassist Žiga Golob and drummer Krunoslav Leva?i?.
Sometimes the Istrian sun scorches, sometimes wine matures, sometimes madness threatens.
But this inspired and virtuosic singer superbly balances poetic and archaic folk expression with her beautifully crafted music, equally recognizing the significance of both intellect and emotion.
With her album "Ulika revival" Tamara Obrovac has placed her native Istria indelibly on the musical map of the world. Self-conscious, humorous, passionate.
Welcome to the new, old land of infinite possibilities."

Josef Engels, press text

 Some of the album reviews / more on PRESS :

"The revival is a great success, a masterly collection of strikingly affecting songs.

Obrovac sings in an Istrian dialect, with a style that draws on Istrian folk heritage as well as on contemporary jazz: the result is a powerfully emotive vocal that draws the listener in to the moods and images of the songs whether or not they share Obrovac's understanding of the words (helpfully, an English translation is provided in the liner notes)."

All about Jazz, Bruce Lindsay, July 2014.

"Tamara Obrovac is quietly and secretly grown into one of Europe's greatest singers...
Basically melancholic, her music simultaneously impresses with inner strength and passion that brings with it the story of the mentality of an entire region."

Volker Doberstein, Jazz Podium 2014, Germany

"On light-footed rhythmic base carried by Ziga Golob on bass and Kruno Leva?i? on drums, Obrovac can impressively demonstrate her interpretations conveyed by warm colors of Istrian tongue.Her text interpretations and eloquent singing blend with her very specific jazz-scat in native idiom through her own concept of storytelling and intense recollection of personal experiences which touches the hearts of her listeners - one successful revival that even after fifteen years can convey timeless "spirit" of these works."

tHo, Concerto magazine, 2014, Austria

Jazzthetik album review (DE)

"For many, Croatian singer Tamara Obrovac is still "a new voice," even though "Ulika revival" is her ninth record - and what a record it is! One of exceptionally creative and picturesque sound.
With her quartet, the Istrian singer - with 12 songs she has written herself - evokes charming and colourful sounds that blend both the dialects and melodies of Croatian music with contemporary jazz.
In every single moment of listening to the record it is wonderfully evident how these different influences blend into quite exciting and playful pieces of music.

Jazzthetik 2014, Germany

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zuta al siel la veivo
la bela zornada
forte forte al sul
e la zeigala canta
chei canta
cu la canta
la se inamura
se inamura cumo mei
al me corpo
ouna carisa sula
in t’al varto l’aio
a paso s’cito naso
al criso
in tra le feile douto reiddo
douto reido cumo mei


a beautiful day lives
under the sky
the hot sun is shining
the cicada sings
o how it sings
whwn she sings
she falls in love
she falls in love like me

a single caress
on my body
the garlick is sprouting
in the garden
with limpid movement
it grow
between the rows it all laughs
it all laughs like me

(Loredana Bogliun)


divojka bi tancala
pošla bi na samanj


girl wants to dance
she wants to go to the fair


žedna zemlja se dažda napila
lozuj' rodila
žedna loza se sunca napila
aj grojza nam donila
?rnega bilega tananaj naj
?rnega bilega rodila,

težakinja je trse pazila
grojzej' gladila
trda ruka je grojze pobrala
aj brentuj' nosila
?rnega bilega tanana naj
?rnega i bilega nosila,


the thirsty land soaked up the rain
the vine sprung forth
the thirsty vine soaked up the sun
and brought us grapes
red, white, tanananaj
red, white, tanananaj
brought us red, white
brought us red, white

the woman has tenderly cared for the vines
caressed the grapes
the work-hardened hand picked the grapes
carried the cask
red, white, tanananaj
red, white, tanananaj
carried red, white
carried red, white


5. JOH

joh je meni
drugo vrime ?e dojti
joh paran da foši
s vragon ?u pojti


dear me
a different time will come
dear me, I think that maybe
I' ll go to hell


glej tamo zdolu se lela šenica
aj pod nogami trpi crljenica
moja mi duša leti kakoj tica
?rni su vrhi kadi sunce zajde
mrzla je bura ?a dube ubajde
sprida je vala
maj uzada su brajde , ooj


look downthere the weat is rippling
under our feet the red land is suffering
my, my soul is flying like a bird
ta na na naj….
the peak are dark where the sun sets
the wind is cold which searches the trees
a valley is front, the vineyards’ re behind
ta na na naj….


svi ma?ki me grebu
ma svi breki grizu
voli trupaju i mravi ?iplju
svi vognji me pe?u
sva voda me guši
prsti pipaju jaziki ližu
sve o?i me gledaju
sve uši slušaju
svi noži me rižu
sve škare me strižu
sve kose me kose
svi srpi me žanju
svi žrvnji me melju
sva klišta me stiš?u
svi bati me kuju
svi konopi me vežu
i sve peze me pežu

ninega ni po Boga
ki bi mi pomoga
ko bi moga
najti svoju i moju
krivicu i pravicu


all cats scratch me
and all dogs bite me
all bulls kick me and all ants nip at me
all fires burn me
all water drowns me
fingers touch me tongues lick me
all eyes are on me
all ears listen to me
all knives cut me
all scissors clip me
all scythes sweep me
all sickles reap me
all grindstones grind me
all pliers squeeze me
all hammers smite me
all ropes tie me
and all scales measure me

there is nobody for God's sake
who could help me
who could
find his and my own
guilt and justice

**lyrics by Milan Rakovac



dojdi dojdi
snamom zakantaj
kad kantaš
je laglje zaj na kraj


come, come
sing with me
when you sing
it's easier to go on


divojka vodu nosila
i pjesmu pjevala
la la la la la la la

divojka vodu prolila
a pjesma ostala
la la la la la la la

vodica kapala je
vodica kap
divojka plakala je
divojka plak


the maiden carried the water
and seng a song
la la la la la la la
the maiden spilled the water,
but the song remained
la la la la la la la
the water dripped
and dripped
the maiden cried and cried
a teardrop


bila je daž
uni dan kad je poša
njoja je duša ustarala
brižna su dica
poli gnjišta se stisla
?ako je poša poša'j ?ja
?ako'j poša poša'j ?ja
kamo'j poša ja ne znan
dani ud dažda
ve? su zdavni pasali
njoja je duša ?ekala
brižna su dica
poli gnjišta ustala
?ako je poša poša'j ?ja
?ako'j poša poša'j ?ja
nikad doša nikad maj


it rained
the day he left
her soul withered
poor were the children
alone by the fireplace
father’s gone, he’s gone away
father’s gone, he’s gone away
where has he gone I don’t know
the rainy days
have long gone past
her soul waited
poor were the children
alone by the fireplace
father’s gone, he’s gone away
father’s gone, he’s gone away
he never came

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