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Nedavni koncerti

















26.07.2015. Tamara & Miroslav Tadić, Prvić grooves festival, otok Prvić, Šepurine (HR)

24.07.2015. Transhistria quartet, Velikonočni koncert,  Soriška planina (SLO)

21.07.2015. Transhistria electric, Pula Film Festival, Circolo (HR)

19.07.2015. Tamara & Uroš Rakovec, Imotski, Blue Jazzero festival (HR)

03.07.2015. Tamara - gost na Liburnia Jazz Festivalu - Elvis Stanić group, Opatija (HR)

20.06.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Bjelovar, Terezijana, Trg Eugena Kvaternika (HR)

11.06.2015. Transhistria ensemble &Radio String Quartet Vienna, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb,  (HR)

 29.05.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Jazz Festival Samobor, Havana klub (HR)

 28.05.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Jazz.hr ciklus,  Zagreb, Lisinski, (HR)

06.05.2015. Les Femmes des Balkans (w Amira Medunjanin, Bilja Krstić), Bruxelles (BE)

17.04. 2015. Tamara Obrovac quartet, Venecija, Jazz at the Bauers (IT)

24.02.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Bruxelles, The Music Village club (BE)

23.02.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Bruxelles, Bozar, Creators Conference (BE)

14.02.2015. Tamara Obrovac - ChamberJazz  Project  INK  Pula (HR)

20.01.2015. Tamara Obrovac quartet, CD "Ulika revival" promocija, klub Cankarjevog doma, Ljubljana (SLO)


30.12.2014. Žene Balkana (Amira Medunjanin/Bilja Krstić/Tamara Obrovac)  RMF Rovinj, Gandusio (HR)

07.12.2014. Tamara Obrovac quartet, CD "Ulika revival" promocija, Beč, Porgy & Bess, (AT)

04.12.2014. Tamara Obrovac quartet, CD  "Ulika revival" promocija, Zagreb, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (HR)

31.10.2014. Transhistria electric, klub Judino drvo, Split ( HR)

29.08.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Špancirfest, Varaždin (HR)

15.08.2014. Tamara Obrovac electric quintet Etno pod zvonikom Novigrad (HR)

07.08.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Vodnjan, palača Portarol, (HR)

25.07.2014. Tamara Obrovac quartet, Novigradske ljetne večeri, Novigrad dalmatinski (HR)

19.07.2014. Transhistria quartet, Medvedgradske glazbene večeri, Zagreb (HR)

11.07.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Donaufest Ulm (DE)

03.07.2014. Transhistria electric quintet Novomeške poletne veceri, Novo Mesto (SLO)

14.06.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Kunsthaus Weiz (AT)

08.06.2014. Tamara Obrovac quartet, Düsseldorf Jazz Rally festival (DE)

03.05.2014. Tamara u "Femmes de Balkan" projektu, Balkan Trafik Festival, Brisel (BE)

05.04.2014. Tamara & JazzIstra orchestra, INK Pula (HR)

27.03.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Bayerisher Hof hotel club, Munchen (DE)

12.02.2014. TransMediterranean ensemble, Istarsko narodno kazalište Pula (HR)

09.02.2014. TransMediterranean ensemble, Centar mladih Ribnjak (HR)

10.02.2014. TransMediterranean ensemble, Porgy&Bess club Vienna (AT)

08.02.2014. TransMediterranean ensemble, Jazz club Klagenfurt (AT)

07.02.2014. TransMediterranean ensemble, Jazz club Klagenfurt (AT)

01.02.2014. Transhistria ensemble, Split, Gradsko kazalište lutaka (HR)


Sljedeći koncerti




20.08.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Pula, Kaštel (HR)

21.08.2015. Transhistria ensemble, 10 Magnificent, Hotel Kvarner, Opatija (HR)

04.09.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Park Orsula, Dubrovnik (HR)

05.09.2015. Transhistria ensemble, Jazz Festival Herceg Novi (CG)















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