• 1. Neću više jazz kantati / I won't sing jazz anymore
  • 2. Vitar u kosi / Wind in my hair
  • 3. Turbo folk / Turbo folk
  • 4. Guarda che luna / Gle koji mjesec / Look at the moon
  • 5. Majmajola / Majmajola village
  • 6. Sexuvalna / Sexrolling
  • 7. Bassriff (Lelaj, delaj...) / Bassriff (Sway, play...)
  • 8. Moj Galebe / Sea gull and I
  • 9. Predi šći moja / Spin my daughter
  • 10. Crno zlo / Black evil
  • 11. Hella / Hella
  • 12. Villa Idola / Villa Idola

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Neću više jazz kantati lyrics

Neću više jazz kantati

Tamara Obrovac / Transhistria Electric
Aquarius records 2009

Format: CD, Digital

Tamara Obrovac, voice, composer, arrangements (HR)
Uroš Rakovec, el. guitar (SLO)
Žiga Golob, el. bass, (SLO)
Krunoslav Levačić, drums (HR)
Joe Kaplovitz, keyboad, (HR / USA)
Luka Žužić, trombone, (HR)
Branko Sterpin, trumpet, (HR)
Mihael Gyorek, alto saxophone, (SLO)

Author of all music Tamara Obrovac, except track 7. Galeb i ja, music Z. Runjić, lyrics T. Zuppa 9. Predi šći moja, traditional Lyrics on track 2. Črno zlo, M. Rakovac, and 6. Sexuvalna Drago Orlić 
Recorded: 09/08, Croatian radio Television, Radio Pula by Aldo Spada Mix / mastering Zvonimir Dusper - Dus


Lady kanta funk (Lady Sings Funk), the CD of the year!

It seems that with the new Transhistria ensemble Tamara Obrovac has finally found the accompanying musicians who are a perfect match to her charisma; to be more precise, the musicians who are capable to keep and expand all the energy that Tamara always radiates on the stage. ... "Ne?u više jazz kantat"/ "I won't sing jazz any more" is what it is – by far the best album in the whole music career of Tamara Obrovac – primarily because of the great material in which it is difficult to say what is better: the new compositions of the Istrian diva or the superb, fully thought out versions of her older works. If you add to that a more open, more pronounced poetic engagement than ever and the booklet with all the texts in Croatian and English, the conclusion begs to be made: Transhistria Electric and the Iron Istrian Lady have made the album of the year, probably of the five years, after which the band leader may not sing jazz any longer – but don't worry: you should hear how she sings funk!

Pavle Vukšić, muzika.hr, Internet portal, April 27, 2009.

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