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Ballet performance Apoxyomenos, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, 07.11.2017.

"The ballet ensemble of Zagreb’s Croatian National Theatre triumphed Friday night with the premiere of the poetic, spiritual and multi-layered ballet performance Apoxyomenos choreographed by Brazilian-Belgian choreographer Claudio Bernard, whose strong spiritual framework and stimulus was added by the glorious music of Tamara Obrovac… Particular beauty and strength was brought to the performance by the magical and very emotional music of composer Tamara Obrovac, that sounded like the incorporation of all the strongest musical idioms of Mediterranean, from Africa to Dalmatia and Istria, and even jazz and electronic music… Without these compositions, that made your skin shiver and that pierced your soul directly, the ballet Apoxyomenos would not have been so impressive. The music – five vocal performances and two instrumental ones, “Nostalgic theme” and “Rhythm of turmoil” – bring us centuries back, painting two thousand years, from the times of forgotten rituals through the period in which Apoxyomenos lived and perished, up until today and his new life. A previously unseen experience is also brought by the dancers that are preforming five vocal compositions in ancient Greek, which regardless of their musicality and discipline, surely wasn’t an easy task to achieve. The dramaturge Lada Kaštelan chose and arranged Fragments of Euripides´ Trojan Women, thus giving the story and the whole ballet contemplation, drama and curiousness."

(N. Ožegović & tportal)

Performance "Men of Wax", Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, premiere 30.12.2016.

"Tamara Obrovac completed wonderful work as the music author. The scene transitions were decently followed with a-capella singing or genre different instrumentals, that Kica masterfully incorporated into the rhythm of the performance."

(Tim Hrvaćanin

Expert jury award from 24th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival Rijeka "Veljko Maričić" for best stage music for the play Men of Wax preformed by Croatian National Theatre - statement 

Traveling together with the story through all three parts of the play Men of Wax, composer Tamara Obrovac brings ethno motives through subtle built contemporary musical miniatures, building a very discreet type of ambient music that unobtrusively adds to the atmosphere of the performance.

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