• 1. Prez besid 1 /No words 1
  • 2. Cansoneita / A little song
  • 3. Tanac / Dance
  • 4. Vinova loza / The vine
  • 5. Joh / Dear me
  • 6. Senica / Wheat
  • 7. Crno zlo / Dark evil
  • 8. Ojnana
  • 9. Zakantaj / Sing
  • 10. Divojka / The maiden
  • 11. Prez besid 2 / No words 2
  • 12. Ulika

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Original + Croatian and English translation

Ulika Revival

Tamara Obrovac quartet
Unit records 2014.

Formats: CD, MP3

Tamara Obrovac, voice
Matija Dedić, piano
Žiga Golob, double bass
Krunoslav Levačić, drums

All songs written by: Tamara Obrovac except lyrics on *Loredana Bogliun, and **Milan Rakovac
Recorded / mixed / mastered by: Stefano Amerio at ArteSuono studio, Udine, Italy, April 2013
Produced by: Stefano Amerio and Tamara Obrovac


With sensitivity, passion and humor the Croatian singer and composer Tamara Obrovac has positioned her homeland Istria on the world map of improvised music.

Tamara Obrovac finds clear and completely natural ways to combine the dialects and the melodic phrases of her native Istria with contemporary European jazz played at the very highest level. With a sound reminiscent of the nobility and sensitivity of the Bill Evans Trio, and with bold interaction and congenial originality, on her journey through different types and levels of human emotion, the singer is accompanied by pianist Matija Dedič, bassist Žiga Golob and drummer Krunoslav Levačić.

Sometimes the Istrian sun scorches, sometimes wine matures, sometimes madness threatens. But this inspired and virtuosic singer superbly balances poetic and archaic folk expression with her beautifully crafted music, equally recognizing the significance of both intellect and emotion. With her album "Ulika revival" Tamara Obrovac has placed her native Istria indelibly on the musical map of the world. Self-conscious, humorous, passionate. Welcome to the new, old land of infinite possibilities."

- Josef Engels, press text

The revival is a great success, a masterly collection of strikingly affecting songs. Obrovac sings in an Istrian dialect, with a style that draws on Istrian folk heritage as well as on contemporary jazz: the result is a powerfully emotive vocal that draws the listener in to the moods and images of the songs whether or not they share Obrovac's understanding of the words (helpfully, an English translation is provided in the liner notes).

- All about Jazz, Bruce Lindsay, July 2014.

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