Transhistria ensemble and Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra held a concert and recorded material for an album

Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra lead by Andreas Marinello and Tamara Obrovac Transhistria ensemble held a concert on the 6th of June in the Gorgona hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, and recorded material for a new album with arrangements of Tamara’s compositions in studio Bajsić.

The collaboration was initiated by Andreas Marinello, and Tamara's original compositions for this occasion were arranged by Andreas Marinello, Luka Žužić, Zoran Majstorović and Joe Kaplowitz. The biggest challenge of this collaboration, that was indeed very successfully solved, was the juncture of free and fixed forms, considering the fact that to the orchestra it is immanent to play mostly written lines, while Transhistria ensemble almost always plays completely open. Gratitude to the wonderful orchestra and excellent music arrangers!

I was pleased when I got the call from conductor Andreas Marinello, especially because the orchestra is made of many younger, excellent musicians, among them a few great music arrangers, Tamara points out. The joint project of two finest jazz ensembles in Croatia is the first collaboration of Tamara and her ensemble not only with a jazz orchestra, but with a real big band.
Photo: Marija Štilinović / HRT