New collaboration/project:

Tamara Obrovac & Karen Asatrian IstrArmenia ensemble 
Croatian singer and armenian piano player together in new project, meeting point of Armenian and Istrian spirit...

Austrian premiere:
12.02.2011. 20.30 h /Jazz club Klagenfurt

Croatian premiere:
14.02.2011. 20.00 h INK Pula

The project is the synthesis of two musical journeys, two musical handwritings, two great performers and composer, both seeking for truthfulness  combining archaic language of their traditions with modern jazz expression.

New project is harmonious combination of two traditions, two melodic expressions and two different languages, united in intensity of the expression, both dynamic and melancholic, suffused with spontaneity, inventive improvisation, freedom, and humor, present in Tamara’s and Karen’s work.

Both artist are gifted with great potential in performing live music, two with strong persons; she with her fascinating voice and singing skills and he with his eclectic and passionate piano playing; combining jazz expression with archaism of their traditions, blending their emotional and creative forces, in a small, unique musical cosmos...

Their music is played by excellent musicians, members of their bands, contributing to this unique musical journey with the virtuosity and vast range of their expression, making this musical story come true.

The project will be presented for the first time 12th February in Jazz club Klagenfurt, and Croatian premiere will take place on February 14th  2011, at INK (Istrian National Theatre) in Pula.

The work on the project will be followed by the production of the CD and further concert promotion.

IstrArmenia ensemble:                            

Tamara Obrovac, voice, flute
Karen Asatrian, piano, violin
Carlos Sungurlyan, oud, bouzuki 
Uroš Rakovec, guitar, mandolin 
Zvonimir Šestak, double-bas
Kruno Levačić, drums

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