NEW CD  "Canto amoroso" Tamara Obrovac Transhistria ensemble
limited Croatian edition / available at concerts only

SOON out for Alessa Records, Austria

Tamara Obrovac  / voice, composer
Uroš Rakovec / guitar, mandola
Fausto Beccalossi / acordion
Žiga Golob / double bass
Krunoslav Levačić / drums

Tamara Obrovac and Transhistria ensemble present a new album!

"Canto amoroso" is the title of the new album of Tamara Obrovac and her Transhistria ensemble.

 The album was recorded in one go at the first rate Artesuono studio in Udine, Italy. The new musical material tells a new musical tale, it is a yet another exciting and passionate jazz journey through Istria and the Mediterranean with sounds of interesting dialects.

On this album, in addition to her native Istrian chakavian dialect, Tamara sings in several other interesting Istrian dialects; the Istriot, the Istroromanian and the Istroveneto dialect in which she wrote the lyrics for the title song of the album "Canto Amoroso", which can be listened to at the followinlink.

The highly successful album and hit of Transhistria ensemble "Daleko je ..." released in 2006 was followed by the electric "Neću više jazz kantati" (2009) and the classically nuanced "Madirosa" (2011), in which the sound of Transhistria ensemble was first enriched with a brass section in the "Neću više jazz kantati" and later with a string section in the "Madirosa".

In June 2014 the well received "Ulika revival" album by the Tamara Obrovac quartet was released and now with "Canto amoroso" Tamara returns to the original sound and musical expression of the Transhistria ensamble whose members are: Tamara Obrovac – voice, compositions / Uroš Rakovec – guitar, mandola / Fausto Beccalossi - accordion / Žiga Golob – double bass / Krunoslav Levačić - drums.

The concert promotion of the album will be held on 28 May 2015 in the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski within the cycle, when the album, released in Croatia in a limited edition only, will be first available for purchase. For now the album will only be available for purchase at concert venues.

During the summer the band will hold a series of concerts in Croatia and Montenegro, following which a wider regional and international promotion is planned.

The new CD will also include the song "Se me ra morta privari" ("If death was to trick me") in the unusual and intriguing Istroromanian (Žejane and Vlach) dialect. The author of the lyrics of this song is the poet Silvana Brkarić Krculić and the live performance of the song from a concert at the Istrian National Theatre in Pula, is available at the following link.