New album "Nuvola" Tamara Obrovac quartet - release date 29.03.2023, - Cantus / Croatian Composers Society / Alessa Records

Twenty-five years after the band's debut album Ulika, which presented the unique musical style of Tamara Obrovac, and ten years after Ulika Revival, we have before us Nuvola, Tamara Obrovac's new original album, the third one created by this outstanding musician and author and her Tamara Obrovac Quartet.

Seven original compositions are featured on this album, from the opening Na nebu postelja,(  through La nuvola (Cloud) from which the album takes its name, Zatancaj, Dvi divojke and Niki drugi svit, to the closing Oče moj and Kovarskih litanija. Tamara Obrovac is the author of all the compositions and lyrics on Nuvola, with the exception of the lyrics of the compositions La nuvola and Kovarske litanije which were written by Daniel Načinović, an acclaimed Istrian poet and Tamara’s regular associate.

Like the previous albums, this one was also recorded by the quartet lineup that has not changed since 1997: Tamara Obrovac (vocalist), Matija Dedić (piano), Žiga Golob (double bass) and Krunoslav Levačić (drums). Nuvola by the Tamara Obrovac Quartet marks the quartet’s 25th anniversary and their 25 years of playing music together.

The Quartet’s first concert promoting Nuvola before the large musical audience took place at the JazzHR Festival in the Tvornica culture Zagreb on March 29, showing once again all the splendor of their musical performance in front of the thrilled audience.



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