Tamara Obrovac quartet, one of Tamara’s oldest musical formations, will preform as part of their traditional annual concert at Istrian National Theatre

The quartet is one of Tamara’s oldest formations, with whom 20 years ago she presented a new way of thinking and composing for the first time, where she successfully connected inspiration with local, Istrian spirit of music and dialect together with the universal jazz expression. The quartet has been preforming in an unchanged line up since 1997 and the release of "Ulika" album, consisting of: Tamara Obrovac (voice, composer), Matija Dedić (piano), Krunoslav Levačić (drums) i Žiga Golob (double bass).

The February concert, besides featuring compositions from the latest album "Ulika revival", will bring other older, previously unreleased songs, together with Tamara's several new compositions, that haven’t been preformed yet.

In the last 20 years, the quartet preformed at numerous national and regional stages, and held a number of well received concerts at some of the most famous international jazz festivals and clubs (such as Luneburger Jazz Nights, Jazzahead Bremen, Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally, Jazz au Chellah Maroko, Jazz Festival Steyr, etc.). Their latest album “Ulika revival”, released in 2014 for Swiss Unit records, received excellent critiques in several relevant international jazz media.

While playing a rarely performed composition “Endrigo blues”, the musicians will be joined by author Milan Rakovac, the author of the verses dedicated to Sergio Endrigo, turned into a song by Tamara Obrovac. Milan Rakovac is also the author of one of Tamara’s most preformed songs “Črno zlo”, that experienced numerous musical incarnations.  

For this occasion, Tamara composed the song Muora, inspired by Milan Rakovac’s verses, watch the video on Youtube here.