Tamara and Transhistria ensemble presented  their new material  "Canto amoroso" at a series of concerts in February 2013. Last concert was 14.2. at Pula National theater!

The new album of Transhistria ensemble is to be released in 2013 and the new material was   presented at a series of concerts in Slovenia and Croatia in February, and  new compositions was  recorded in Artesuono studio, Udine Italy, as well.

The latest published album by Transhistria ensemble is "...Is Faraway", released in 2006.

The new CD will feature the composition entitled "Se me ra morta privari" in the unusual dialect from Žejane (Istro-Roman dialect), composed by Tamara, with the lyrics by Silvana Brkarić Krculić.

Listen to the song and check the video of the above mentioned song within the project PANPHONIA ISTRIANA vol. 2. or check live video   Istrian National Theater 14.02.2013.

Concert dates :

01.02.2012. transhistria ensemble, klub/abonman, Velenje (SLO)
02.02.2012. transhistria ensemble, Kulturni dom, klub, Krško (SLO)
03.02.2012. transhistria ensemble Pučko otvoreno učilište, Umag (HR)
04.02.2012. transhistria ensemble, Koper Circolo Italiano, (SLO) 
06.02.2012. transhistria ensemble, klub Slamič, Ljubljana (SLO)
14.02.2012. transhistria ensemble, INK Pula (HR)

concert in Pula is sponsored by:
Pula town, Tourism office Pula.  Transhistria ensemble drinks Trapan wine